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- designed from scratch for a new farming experience - designed from scratch for a new farming experience

- don't forget to download the mandatory mods - don't forget to download the mandatory mods


PC OnlyThe megabit size of the map does not allow compatibility with other platforms.

MULTI-ANGLETilling angles have been increased so that furrows follow your tools more realistically.

80 FIELDSThere is something for everyone: hilly, flat, square and curvy fields

5 Grass FIELDSYour cows will not starve.

10 Vineyards FIELDSThere are pre-positioned and scripted vineyards with additional functionality.

5  FARMS with stablesWhere do you want to live? the choice will be hard.

3 FARMS without stablesYou don’t like the smell of manure? among these three, there is certainly a villa for you.

10 EQUIPPED AREASAre areas containing sheds, trenches, stables and more. To expand the number of structures you own and the extension of your farm.

NEW PRODUCTION CHAINSDefault is nice and comfortable, but after a while you get bored of it. New production lines have been designed for this map that make the game more realistic and interesting.

Die schönste Karte im LS22

Agrar Hautnah Youtuber

"quando la tecnica incontra l'arte"

Nicko87 Youtuber

ITALIA map by EdoMod is amazing... Very possibly the greatest map ever released for Farming Simulator.

Derplodactyl GIANTS Ambassador

Die Wohl schönste Karte im Landwirtschaftssimulkator 22 ist vermutlich die Map ITALIA.

NPLAY Youtuber






Tractors, Trucks and Harvesters


Trailers & SlurryTanks





FIX 28/12/22 ver. (new savegame required)
  • added sheep milk production
  • added sheep cheese production
  • added automatic bale and barrel storage (a huge thank you to Razak for this)
  • improved realism of hen husbandry (a huge thank you to Farmer Andy for this)
  • improved realism of vineyards with new stages and dedicated tools (a huge thank you to SMI for this)
  • various performance and graphical improvements
FIX 28/07/22 ver. (new savegame required)
  • Added multi-angle
  • Added crop stubble trampling
  • Added grass trampling
  • Lowered height of trigger icons
  • Lowered trailer loading triggers
  • Reduced the number of vines in the northern part of the Masseria ITALIA to improve performance
  • Added stone sales point
  • Added poplar bale sales point
  • Enlarged the manoeuvring space at the end of some vineyard rows
  • Added more white grape vines
  • Added customised subsoil types (for those using PF)
  • Added Polish language
  • Various graphic improvements
FIX 11/07/22 ver. (new savegame not required)
  • Trigger visit Masseria Azzurra
  • Trigger wardrobe Masseria Azzurra
  • Snow removed from under covered areas
  • Added some collisions
  • Various graphic improvements
FIX 10/07/22 ver. (new savegame not required)
  • Trigger visit Cascina Emilia
  • Trigger unloading grapes Cantina Italia
  • Trigger load waste grape production Cantina Italia
  • Barrel production
  • Firewood production
  • Trigger fountain S. Marzano
  • Various graphic improvements
Our work does not end with the publication of a map.
We continue to perfect and improve the player experience afterwards.

In this laborious work, your help is crucial. Please do not hesitate to contact us to report any problems or errors.